Make-up How To: Smokey Eyes

Smoky Eyes

There are a million and one different applications, colors and shapes when it comes to the creating the ‘Smokey eye’; everyone has thier own preferances and tricks, which is kind of the fun in make-up artistry, no?

In the ‘Smokey Eye’ look I show here I used blacks and grays and I added a little shimmer. But, I also have done this exact look with brown shades instead and it looks just as “smoking”.

Here is how to get this ‘Smokey eye’:

The products:


-Apply your base in your darkest color. I used the cream liner with a sponge tip brush and blended it in from my lashline to the crease. Don’t worry if it looks a little messy at first.

-I added M.A.C. “Carbon” to the outter corners of my eyes using a small crease brush and blended upwards slightly. *This is an optional step my eyes are ‘downcast’ so this effect helps make them seem more raised.

-To the crease (where your eye falls into the socket), using M.A.C. “Scene,”  take a “crease brush” and swipe on in a windsheild wiper like motion (back and forth). This will blend the messiness of the dark base first applied, creating the “smoke”

-On your browbone (just under the eyebrow) add a highlighter shade M.A.C. “Phloof!,” and in the inner corners of the eye as well (optional step but, it can help to brighten up the eye). The easiest way to add the frost shades is with your finger.

-With an “angled liner brush” apply the cream pot liner to the lower lash line. After lining with the cream liner, wipe off your brush and then use it to apply a swipe of the “Carbon” back over the lashline to soften the line and smoke it out. *It is up to you how far along the lash line you like to extend your liner. For smaller eyes it is usually recommended you line halfway, with larger eyes you can go straight into the corners. (I also went back over the upper lashline with a swipe of liner, but that is my personal preference and not nescessary for this look)

-Shimmer: Dab on a Lise Watier shimmer pigment (again, optional depending how “dolled up” you want to be) to the lid.

-Curl your lashes and apply a thick coat of black mascara

This is kind of a messy diagram but hopefully it helps:

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Things I am Obsessing Over…Dry Shampoo

      I hate washing my hair because I know that I am left with only two options in doing so; option 1) let it air dry (which does not always give me attractive results) or option 2) take the time and blow it out, then go over the unruly parts with the straightener.

     Obviously, my vanity usually wins and option 2 it is, which can take a very consuming half hour of standing in the mirror and pulling and tugging, clipping and twisting…sigh. Sum all that up and you can understand (or maybe relate) to why I choose to avoid washing my hair for as long as I can possibly get away with it after spending all that time and effort on styling. Dry shampoos can definately help to maintain a good style a few days longer.

Here is a little review of some that I have tried: 

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So Simple Almond Cookies With Dark Chocolate and Orange

Almond cookies dipped in dark chocolate with orange zest


OK, I actually came up with this recipe myself…I think.

I was inspired by the Kraft peanut butter cookies seen here ( that are a dream because they have only 3 ingredients in them! That is unheard of!

I don’t mind peanut butter cookies, and in the past I have made these for friends and they were a hit; but, I was looking to do some experiment’n and I wanted almonds not peanuts!

Here is the recipe I came up with:

1 c. almond butter

1/2 c. sugar

1 egg

1/2 tsp of vanilla extract (optional)

2 large dark chocolate bars

1 orange for zesting 

1 c. slivered almonds

HEAT oven to 325°F. Mix together almond butter, egg, sugar and vanilla until well blended.

ROLL dough into balls; place on baking sheets and flatten then with a fork.

BAKE 15-20 min. (though I would really watch them they tend to burn easily, not that I know from experience *ahem) or until lightly browned. Place the cookies on a cooling rack or parchment paper to cool off.

WHILE the cookies are cooling get a double boiler ready (an empty sauce pan sitting in a saucepan filled with hot/boiling water). In the empty top saucepan place your dark chocolate and sprinkle some orange zest. When the chocolate is melted take your cookies and dip half of the cookie in the dark chocolate then place back on the cooling rack. sprinkle with the slivered almonds and TADA!

*note if you have a nut allergy don’t try this at home – just say’n*

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Things I Am Obsessing Over….

      For Valentine’s Day this year my boyfriend and I decided to exchange simple gifts under $20.00 (of course, this did not include my mandatory chocolates and flowers). He gave me a copy of “One Hundred Years of Solitude” by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. I know, I know, books are not the most romantical of gifts but (call us nerds) for me it was special; as on our second date he also gave me a copy of Marquez’s “Stange Pilgrims”. Of course, I also had the brilliant idea to get him a book; “The Zombie Survival Guide”. I am such a romantic; no?

     Anyways, blah blah blah, wasn’t Valentine’s Day months ago…? Yes, it was BUT, I just finished the novel (I shouldn’t be bragging that it took me two months to get around to actually reading it, but, I’ve been busy) and I want to recommend it. It’s a classic that I hope you take a chance to read because you will not be disappointed; it is up there on my favorites list right now.

    Here are a few other books I have read recently and would highly recommend (this post kind of reminds me of Reading Rainbow from back in the day):

(notice how I left out the Zombie Survival Guide…)


For those of you who appreciated the Reading Rainbow reference (don’t act like you don’t remember the RR) you will also appreciate this:

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I’m On a Boat! – The Nautical Trend

    One of the trends I love most for Spring is the simple yet classic ‘Nautical’ look. It predictably seems to make an appearance in some variance every Spring/Summer. This trend focuses on colors like gray, blue, navy, red, white, black and khaki and let’s not forget about stripes. This is a very easy look to achieve on a small budget because we all have those go to items already in our closet; the trick is finding them in there if your like me. My closet is what I call the “disorganization station” things go in there but I may never see them again (I kid…sort of).

   And now in keeping with the Nautical theme I must end with this:

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The Lakeview Restuarant

    The Lakeview is a 24 hour restaurant and diner here in Toronto located in the west end. Recently my sister came to visit; we decided to take her there for a simple dinner in the Ossington area where we planned to grab drinks later on. We had a scrumptious carb loaded meal and a few drinks to jumpstart the evening; all very healthy if you consider fries vegetables, which I do.

   What I like about the Lakeview:

-The vintage diner atmosphere and appearance, classic.

-It’s open 24 hours and is not too far from home, DONE!

-The menu has a wonderful array of meals to choose from and yes, if you want you could eat healthy there; I would think you were crazy, but you could do it.

-DRINK DEALS! Everyday of the week the Lakeview offers a $4.00 pint (amazing), Ceasars are $4.00, Mimosas are $3.00.

-Milkshakes come in basic chocolate, vanilla and strawberry, they are $5.00 BUT you can add a kick like banana or peanut butter (to name a few)for $.75 or an organic flavor like caramel, lemon or cinnamon (there are more) for $1.00.

-There are 3 different menus through out the day (all are yummers) for Brunch/Supper/Latenight.

Traditional Ale Battered Fish and Chips

Eggy In The Basket

Quattro Grilled Cheese

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Make-up How To: Subtle Everyday ‘Cat Eye’

An easy everday 'Cat Eye' finished make-up

I like doing my make-up; I always have thought of it as the fun part of my morning ritual. However, spending time on my make-up in the morning is not always possible. So, I have found some really classic yet simple looks that are easy to do in about 10 minutes.

One of my favorite looks is a ‘Cat Eye’. For everyday make-up it is a little bit much, so here is a subtle version of the ‘Cat Eye’ that could be worn for everyday.

How To Get The Look:

1.  I suggest using a pot paint for the base. Pot paints can speed up a make-up because they can be applied with just your fingers. Dab a good base onto the lid and stop just before the crease

2.  A dark eyeshadow and an angled liner brush are much quicker to apply than liquid liner (I find) to get this winged effect. Apply it to the upper lash line and wing it out just a bit at the outter corners of the eye. Next line the lower lash line and connect the upper line to the lower. I only line in as far in as there are lashes as a personal preference.

3.  Add a neutral shadow only to the crease. Use a shadow brush (preferably a crease brush) to apply the shadow to the crease area in a back and forth movement (sort of like windshield wipers).

4.  A highlighter shade used in the corners of the eye and on the brow bone (just under the eyebrow) is a good trick to brighten up your eyes.

5.   Once you have finished applying your eyeshadows use your fingers to pat in a a little concealer to your under eye area. I choose to do this step last incase any shadows fall onto the concealer it won’t smudge and need to be re-applied. Liquid is easiest to apply without a brush.

6. Curl the lashes and then apply a few coats of mascara to top and bottom lashes

Lastly, apply some blush to the apples of the cheeks if desired, and a swipe of lipstick and your look is complete!

Here is a list of the products I used:

If you do try this look please leave me a comment and let me know how you liked it.

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Robots Need Love Too

    So, I know I have previously mentioned that I love robots, well, as you can imagine I also own alot of robot crap. Maybe not alot, alot (yet), but it is an occuring theme throughout our home and when I say crap I mean collectibles, of course.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Robot lamp from Urban Outfitters $10.00 (lampshade sold separately from Ikea for $10.00)

Tin toy robots from Splish Splash on College Street. All under $15.00


    I have also been eyeing a few prints on Etsy; especially this one from Mengseldesign

Mengseldesign found on Etsy $55.00 USD + S&H

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Exploring Queen West

Macarons in Nadege

This weekend we took full advantage of the Spring weather. We decided to go for an exploration walk, we walked and walked until we hit Queen and John. It was lovely. We stopped in any and every little place that perked our interest, places we had never even noticed previously.

Elderflower water and an Orange Chocolate Macaron

We stopped in ‘Nadege Patisserie’ at the corner of Queen and Gore Vale Ave for a macaron. The macaron’s are $2 each or 12 for $20. Unfortunately, we just got one and trust me to buy just one took a lot of restraint. I would have loved to try them all.

Then it was off to the ‘Dark Horse’ for my boyfriend’s favorite coffee in the city and more walking. We hit up the ‘Leslieville Cheese Market’ to grab something for a  hostess gift; smoked apple cheddar that melts in your mouth and is to die for. Seriously, I think if I had to choose between my boyfriend and the cheese I would go with the latter (you know you would do the same babe).

Our final stop for the day was to grab a bite at ‘Tortilla Flats’. I had never been there before but I love Mexcian fare and was dying for a Margarita so we tried it out.The food was delicious and my Margarita hit the spot. We remembered to take pictures of our food after we had already taken our first bites…but…we also ordered a deep fried ice cream and completely forgot to capture it before we dug in! It was that good!



Faux leather bomber jacket - Winners $39.99.

Something I want to mention about ‘Tortilla Flats;” as you know I am always searching for the deals and if you visit their website: you can see the daily specials like “Margarita Thursdays $3.49” or “Domestic Beer Wednesdays $3.49”.  I really recommend checking them out if you got a hankering for texmex.

Happy Monday Folks!

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