Bar Carts On The Brain

I have been interested in the idea of purchasing a bar cart for our apartment for awhile now. I have these lovely daydreams about cocktail hour in my living room, listening to records, sipping on gin and tonics (which I am aware will never happen unless Don Draper finds my address).

The other day our upstairs neighbor found this cart disguarded on the curb and  scooped it up for herself only to find she had no use for it, so she offered it to us. The cart is an older Ikea model but the great thing about ikea is how many multi-purposes an item can have and for the amazing price of free-ninety-nine we got ourselves a steal!

It is in a little bit of rough shape; I think it may have been used in someone’s garden before but, now it is going to be my bar cart (after I clean it up of course). I am very excited to pull this project together.

My only issue now is…what do I actually stock my bar cart with? Whiskey, Gin, Tequila….? So many options!

I found these amazing cocktail stirrers online which are sooooooo unbelievably out of my price range but still inspire my vision – D.L. & Co. $195 each (money from this purchase goes to women’s cancer research)

What would you stock your bar cart with?


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