So Simple Strawberry Shortcake


Strawberry Shotcake

     When I think of classic summer desserts Strawberry Shortcake is always the first to come to mind. Now, I know it isn’t summer yet but, sometimes you gotta “fake it to make it” and that is just what I did the other night.

   I cut this recipe to make for just two people because I didn’t want leftovers in the house (that is too dangerous). I also completely revamped the original recipe substituting with things in my pantry I thought may make this cake more of a “taste explosion!” – if you will.

My Recipe: (Note: if you are making for more people this is easy to double)

1 C. Flour (I used whole wheat because it was what I had but white will do) 

1/4 C. Sugar

1 Tsp. Baking soda

Pinch of salt

1 Egg white

2 Tbs. Butter/Margarine (basically the same thing)

Splash of skim milk

1 Tsp. Cinnamon

1 Tsp. vanilla extract

2 Tbs. ground almonds

2 C.  stemmed and sliced strawberries

   Wash your strawberries stem them and slice them, sprinkle some sugar on them and place them in the refridgerator for a few hours (this step makes the strawberries syrupy, however, I don’t do this step because we prefer them without syrup so, this step is optional)

   I blended everything in one bowl, mixing dry ingredients first then adding the wet.

   Grease a baking pan and place your dallops of mixture on them (try to keep the dallops separate).

   Bake for 20 min aprox at 375 degrees.



   Do you remember this Strawberry Shortcake? I used to have thses toys when I was young and I remember that they smelled so good!


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