Make-up How To: Smokey Eyes

Smoky Eyes

There are a million and one different applications, colors and shapes when it comes to the creating the ‘Smokey eye’; everyone has thier own preferances and tricks, which is kind of the fun in make-up artistry, no?

In the ‘Smokey Eye’ look I show here I used blacks and grays and I added a little shimmer. But, I also have done this exact look with brown shades instead and it looks just as “smoking”.

Here is how to get this ‘Smokey eye’:

The products:


-Apply your base in your darkest color. I used the cream liner with a sponge tip brush and blended it in from my lashline to the crease. Don’t worry if it looks a little messy at first.

-I added M.A.C. “Carbon” to the outter corners of my eyes using a small crease brush and blended upwards slightly. *This is an optional step my eyes are ‘downcast’ so this effect helps make them seem more raised.

-To the crease (where your eye falls into the socket), using M.A.C. “Scene,”  take a “crease brush” and swipe on in a windsheild wiper like motion (back and forth). This will blend the messiness of the dark base first applied, creating the “smoke”

-On your browbone (just under the eyebrow) add a highlighter shade M.A.C. “Phloof!,” and in the inner corners of the eye as well (optional step but, it can help to brighten up the eye). The easiest way to add the frost shades is with your finger.

-With an “angled liner brush” apply the cream pot liner to the lower lash line. After lining with the cream liner, wipe off your brush and then use it to apply a swipe of the “Carbon” back over the lashline to soften the line and smoke it out. *It is up to you how far along the lash line you like to extend your liner. For smaller eyes it is usually recommended you line halfway, with larger eyes you can go straight into the corners. (I also went back over the upper lashline with a swipe of liner, but that is my personal preference and not nescessary for this look)

-Shimmer: Dab on a Lise Watier shimmer pigment (again, optional depending how “dolled up” you want to be) to the lid.

-Curl your lashes and apply a thick coat of black mascara

This is kind of a messy diagram but hopefully it helps:


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