Things I am Obsessing Over…Dry Shampoo

      I hate washing my hair because I know that I am left with only two options in doing so; option 1) let it air dry (which does not always give me attractive results) or option 2) take the time and blow it out, then go over the unruly parts with the straightener.

     Obviously, my vanity usually wins and option 2 it is, which can take a very consuming half hour of standing in the mirror and pulling and tugging, clipping and twisting…sigh. Sum all that up and you can understand (or maybe relate) to why I choose to avoid washing my hair for as long as I can possibly get away with it after spending all that time and effort on styling. Dry shampoos can definately help to maintain a good style a few days longer.

Here is a little review of some that I have tried: 


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One Response to Things I am Obsessing Over…Dry Shampoo

  1. Rachel says:

    so funny – after i left your place the other week i went into the rexall/IDA (ew!) and bought a dry shampoo i’d been hearing all about for ages. it is the “original” and a cult secret. it is by Batiste. i got the blush-scented one in a pink can which looks fun and 90’s. it’s awesome and works great. $10.

    my rene furterer from before was like $30 and smelled horrific. Batiste is the new way.

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