Things I Am Obsessing Over….

      For Valentine’s Day this year my boyfriend and I decided to exchange simple gifts under $20.00 (of course, this did not include my mandatory chocolates and flowers). He gave me a copy of “One Hundred Years of Solitude” by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. I know, I know, books are not the most romantical of gifts but (call us nerds) for me it was special; as on our second date he also gave me a copy of Marquez’s “Stange Pilgrims”. Of course, I also had the brilliant idea to get him a book; “The Zombie Survival Guide”. I am such a romantic; no?

     Anyways, blah blah blah, wasn’t Valentine’s Day months ago…? Yes, it was BUT, I just finished the novel (I shouldn’t be bragging that it took me two months to get around to actually reading it, but, I’ve been busy) and I want to recommend it. It’s a classic that I hope you take a chance to read because you will not be disappointed; it is up there on my favorites list right now.

    Here are a few other books I have read recently and would highly recommend (this post kind of reminds me of Reading Rainbow from back in the day):

(notice how I left out the Zombie Survival Guide…)


For those of you who appreciated the Reading Rainbow reference (don’t act like you don’t remember the RR) you will also appreciate this:


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