The Lakeview Restuarant

    The Lakeview is a 24 hour restaurant and diner here in Toronto located in the west end. Recently my sister came to visit; we decided to take her there for a simple dinner in the Ossington area where we planned to grab drinks later on. We had a scrumptious carb loaded meal and a few drinks to jumpstart the evening; all very healthy if you consider fries vegetables, which I do.

   What I like about the Lakeview:

-The vintage diner atmosphere and appearance, classic.

-It’s open 24 hours and is not too far from home, DONE!

-The menu has a wonderful array of meals to choose from and yes, if you want you could eat healthy there; I would think you were crazy, but you could do it.

-DRINK DEALS! Everyday of the week the Lakeview offers a $4.00 pint (amazing), Ceasars are $4.00, Mimosas are $3.00.

-Milkshakes come in basic chocolate, vanilla and strawberry, they are $5.00 BUT you can add a kick like banana or peanut butter (to name a few)for $.75 or an organic flavor like caramel, lemon or cinnamon (there are more) for $1.00.

-There are 3 different menus through out the day (all are yummers) for Brunch/Supper/Latenight.

Traditional Ale Battered Fish and Chips

Eggy In The Basket

Quattro Grilled Cheese


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