Robots Need Love Too

    So, I know I have previously mentioned that I love robots, well, as you can imagine I also own alot of robot crap. Maybe not alot, alot (yet), but it is an occuring theme throughout our home and when I say crap I mean collectibles, of course.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Robot lamp from Urban Outfitters $10.00 (lampshade sold separately from Ikea for $10.00)

Tin toy robots from Splish Splash on College Street. All under $15.00


    I have also been eyeing a few prints on Etsy; especially this one from Mengseldesign

Mengseldesign found on Etsy $55.00 USD + S&H


About marnerella

I love robots...True story!
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One Response to Robots Need Love Too

  1. Rachel says:

    you have made me love robots.
    i think that print would look amazing in your place, maybe over the bed? (boy and girl robot..)

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