Things I am Obsessing Over

     I am not usually much of a “bling” kind of girl; I like to keep it fairly simple with items like this:

Nail polish in O.P.I 'Mod About You'

      This ring was a gift from my boyfriend (from ‘The Future of Frances Watson’ store in Parkdale) this past Christmas. I wear it all the time and every time I do it reminds me how he hid it my stocking tied to a tiny tin toy robot. I like when things have sentimental value; this ring always makes me smile.

     I am also obsessed with this color from O.P.I. ‘Mod About You’. Friends would probably say it’s time for me to move on but I just can’t seem to.


About marnerella

I love robots...True story!
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2 Responses to Things I am Obsessing Over

  1. Rachel says:

    definitely time to move on. that color reminds me of back when we used to get manicures from that place where the old chinese man came up out of the floor…..*shudders*

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