The Maxi Dress

I know it is still a bit too early to really purchase any clothes for spring; especially with the weather today. But, I will say this, when we do get nice weather I will be living in Maxi Dresses. I think they are so convenient; all you have to worry about are your acessories and shoes. I am a fan of anything that cuts down prep time.

Here are a few of my faves:








 From left to right:

1) Dappled Techniques Dress – $87.99 USD + S&H

2) Shanti Bloom Red Maxi – $57.00 USD + S&H

3) Setting the Tone Dress – $42.00 USD + S&H

4) One Shoulder Maxi – $27.80 + S&H


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3 Responses to The Maxi Dress

  1. desirée says:

    hey marnie, thanks for your comment 🙂 what i love about your blog: the banner and the make-up advice! i never have a clue about what stuff to buy and usually end up buying what my mum told me was good 😉
    hope to see you soon again!
    p.s. also gotta get one of those maxi-dresses, as soon as the sun comes out!

  2. Catherine says:

    We must go Maxi Dress shopping. I must admit I have always found the patterns and length rather daunting. You have to help me overcome this awful fear —

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