3 Brewers Restaurant and Micro-Brewery

275 Yonge St. Toronto location

       The other night we were asked to meet at a pub to film (as a favor) a commercial for a school project a friend was doing.  Several of us were onboard to help out so, we all met up at the ‘3 BREWERS’ for our acting debut. 

      The ‘3 BREWERS’ is a chain pub/restaurant here in Toronto. It’s one of those places I have walked by a million and one times on my way to the Eaton centre and never noticed; probably because I was on a shopping mission (which clearly takes precidence over all else).

     What is interesting about this place is that they make their own beer on site. They have five varieties of ranging from white to brown; available in many different size ranges from 4oz glass to an entire personal litre or “varlet”, if you will. For sharing (or not, whatever, I won’t judge) you can purchase a “meter of bere” or “un metre de biere,” oui, c’est fracais (sorry, no fancy accents for “proper” french)!

   The meter of beer is ten half pint glasses annnnd when purchased it comes with this thing they call a “Flammekueche” (fancy little thin crust pizza). If you by any chance follow my blog you know how I love that deal…getting my money’s worth makes me giddy with excitement!

    So, blah, blah, blah we drank waaaayyyy too much, ate too much and had tons of fun! My part in this commercial was silent; not an easy feat after a meter…or two…but whose counting?


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