Pets and Vets

Last week was a very stressful one as we were dealing with a very ill cat. Maxx has been my “Little Monster” since well before Lady Gaga coined the term of endearment. He was a stray who about fifteen years ago now, wandered into my life; blessing me with the sweetest, kindest, most gentle, darling pet anyone could have. So, when he gets sick (as he does occasionally since he is quite old for a cat) it is heartbreaking.

I learned a very important lesson in the last few years regarding pets and vets. The vet isn’t always right. I am not saying not to trust your vet; but sometimes you just know your little “fur baby” better than they do.

Our vet wanted to charge us $700 to keep Maxx for a few days and run some tests. We said that was not a viable option for us, then she gave us a $400 dollar option which included medicines and tests that Maxx had just had in the later part of last year. $400 was still alot of money for us in that moment when we were completely caught off guard.

So, I had the vet print out the invoice and go over every item with me and explain it’s importance in this situation. This was not about saving money, it was about finding the best plan of action to get Maxx well when we did not have $400 dollars that day to pay for treatment.

We decided it was most important to get him hydrated. If he wasn’t hydrated he would only get worse. So, the vet gave him an injection for that. I also made the decision that I would force feed him a special food with a syringe 3-4 times daily (which would have been part of the $700 fee for keeping him in the vet for a few days). Maxx didn’t like it but he was very good about it. In addition, we kept him in his own room for a day or two where he could sleep and have peace and quiet.

Now, a week later Maxx is in purrrrrfect health again. He has made a full recovery and is back to his old self. I am glad I asked the appropriate questions and proud of how we handled the situation regarding the vet.

I don’t know about you but I didn’t know until recently that I could or should be going through the costs/procedures and questionning our vet. I was really impressed about the way she broke down everything with me and its level of importance in his case and gave me honest opinons and options (like me steping in and doing the feedings). It was a relief to be able to sit down and say “We can’t afford all of this” and have them understand and work with us for Maxx’s well being.

The Little Monster is back to his old tricks of waking us up at 6AM by walking over our heads to tell us “feed me already!”. I couldn’t be happier.


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