Hi, My Name is Marnie, and I am a M.A.C-Aholic

As I have previously mentioned, I adore M.A.C cosmetics. I am absolutely, undeniably, without a doubt, an addict. There is no greater satisfaction when doing a make-up (whether it be for yourself or a client) than knowing the product you use will do exactly what you want it to; M.A.C delivers that guarantee. But, even better than how great the products are is the company’s commitment to its customers and the environment.

Any die hard M.A.C-aholic is aware of the “Back to M.A.C” program; but, for those of you that may not know of it (and yes, gasp/sigh/tisk) you are about to be enlightened. So, make sure you are sitting down because this is good…

Ready…OK, Do not toss you empty’s! Hang on to them; then, when you have 6 empty product containers take them back to M.A.C.

“Why would I do this?” you ask.

Well, because M.A.C. recycles them; and in return for bringing in 6 empty containers to a M.A.C store nearest you, you get your choice of a free eyeshadow, lip stick or lip gloss (Note: they must all be brought in at the same time however). Told ya it was gonna rock your world.

Also, it should not go unmentioned that ‘Viva Glam’ products are the exception to this rule and cannot count as a returned item because 100% of the proceeds of these products goes directly to the M.A.C. Aids Fund. Another fantastic way that M.A.C gives back!


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