Things I Am Obessing Over Right Now

It’s a cold, dreary, Toronto Monday and all I can think about is Spring!

I am daydreaming about being able to wear skirts and dresses again! Seeing all the new Spring lines arriving in stores recently has made me start think about what my “NEED” and my “WANT” purchases for the upcoming season will be. I have way too many items of clothing in my closet already and not much space for more; that said, it’s time to go through what I have and make some tough decisions about what it may be time to let go of (always a painful process).

I make lists of “NEED” and “WANT” items when shopping because it simplifies my budgeting. I can’t always afford what I “WANT” right away, but it can always be inspirational when hitting sale racks or for encouraging me to save up. Also, in this city when purchasing for a Season it can be tricky because of the vast temperature fluctuations. I may want to buy a pair of sandals, but I have to make sure they are wearable with tights; at least for another month or two anyhow.

Here are a few of my current Spring “WANT” items:


1) Foley & Corinna – Mega Moto bag in Taupe

*currently on sale for $247.50USD from $495.00USD (online)





 2) Kate and Mel – Lace-Up Wedge Sandal in brown 


Available at Town Shoes



3) Petal Plucker Dress

$52.99 USD

Available at





4) Assorted beaded Bangles


Available at Forever21



 5) ESSIE – Coat Azure

Nail Polish $8.00CAD




Happy Monday Folks!


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