Home Improvement

Occasionally, I look around my apartment and get really anxious when I see an area that is a little disorganized and cluttered, and that it can have more potential. I don’t know if this is a normal reaction, but, I will spin this into a positive because it forces me to take action and tackle the problem space.

This was the case with the back extension; which is the second exit/entrance to our apartment and leads to our patio and parking. This room adds another few feet onto our living space and offers us additional storage. It houses an antique washing basin; which comes in very handy for washing delicates and setting up a clothesline.  We have found it to be a great place to put the cat’s litter box (since it is not really visible to guests), as well as other things like a recycling station, tools and paint cans, etc.

Until recently, I wasn’t sure what the best and least expensive way to tackle it would be. We really didn’t want to spend much money on it as we are renters and who knows how long we will be living here.

This is what we had to work with.  *The white cabinet was here when we moved in and I have hated it with a passion since then.


The solution ended up being Ikea (of course). The Hyllis shelf for $14.99 and four blue plastic bins for $2.00 each. For little over $20.00 we were able to clean up the back room and put some sort of order to it (though, it doesn’t help we are currently collecting wine bottles to make our own wine and can’t just chuck them)


A simple improvement, no?

I tried to omit the pictures of the litter box (just gross, no one needs to see that); but I have to admit I am a little stumped on how to more discretely set one up in such a small space. If it were a house there may be more options, but, this is a smaller one bedroom apartment. The back addition is a great area, but I want there to be even more privacy for the little Sgt. Poopers (our nicknames for them when they use the litter box).

Any ideas? I am open to suggestions.


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One Response to Home Improvement

  1. Rachel says:

    marn, i LOVE your blog! seriously all your posts are awesome, i had to debate which to comment on first! ok, so it will be a comment for this one. one suggestion/mention i have of awesome organization things that i’m obsessed with are those rattan/bamboo/wicker basket and box things you can buy at the chinese furniture stores. you can also get them at pier one/ikea for way more expensive. anyways they have that sort of rustic, farmhouse shabby look. no one can see inside the boxes which is good when you’re storing unattractive stuff, but they are also a cute way to store/display nicer looking things! come in a million sizes and shapes and a few different natural colors.

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