Aside from a brief dabble two years ago or more now; I am not a vegetarian. However, I love vegetarian dishes; they always reinvigorate my palate towards veggies (which I would willingly omit out of every meal) by giving them so much flavor and substance.

Toronto is home to one of the best (in my opinion as a non-vedge) gourmet vegan/ vegetarian restaurants ‘FRESH’. It is a sort of fast food/take out/juice bar dining experience; with a solidly delicious menu. We have several friends who are either vegan,vegetarian or pescatarians (who can keep up) so, it is always a great go to place that never disappoints even us carnivores.

What I love about FRESH:

-In the summer the Crawford location has a lovely large patio for dining al fresco.

-They offer a selection of vegan/organic wines and beers.

-There are Gluten free options available on many of the menu items.

-Every time you visit there is a new selection of vegan desserts!

-Take out orders can be picked up within 15 minutes.

-15% discounts are offered if you place a take out order and bring in your own containers. To see more information on this please check out their website here:

Our 'FRESH' dinner from the other night (left, Jerusalem bowl, right, delux burger center, with side of yukon fries and coleslaw

So, take your Tupperware containers to ‘Fresh’ stat and enjoy your scrumptious savings!


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