I Want To Go To There

I am almost ashamed to admit this, but, until last summer I had never tasted Sangria (or Margeritas for that matter). Can you believe it? I couldn’t either.

Well, this is one dilemma that has certainly been delightfully remedied in the past few months. 

So far, my favorite place to go in Toronto that makes mean Mexican style beverages is “Milagro Restaurante Mexicano Y Cantina” (they have few locations in the city). It’s a fun night out and it’s easily affordable.

What I love about  Milagro:

-The dripping candles and multi-colour pools of wax that envelope the wine bottles being used as candle sticks (the dimmed lighting is always welcomingly romantical for date night).

-Tables and chairs that don’t match offering an authentic, bulky, antiqued feel. 

-Wednesday Night Margarita’s for $4.95 and Thursday Night Sangria for $4.95. But, they have deals for most nights of the week as well!

-The selection of Tequila is extensive and ranges from affordable to “don’t even show me because there is no way I can afford it.”

-Their main courses are delish, though, I usually go for drinks and apps. My personal favorites being the classic, ‘Sangria De La Casa’ and ‘Sangria De Pepino’ (cucumber and white wine). I also love the ‘Chicarron De Queso,’ crisp griddled cheese with salsa for dipping.

If you are like me and are on a budget, I highly recommend trying it.


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